Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Endeavors

Well, another year has gone by and I haven't committed to my resolution of blogging more. However, I'm about to make a lot of big decisions come this next month or so, and I'll try to make this a priority. Even though the blog world is dead thanks to Instagram, etc. I think it's important to sit down and write for a while.

As I'm getting ready to transition into a lot of new things, there's one endeavor in particular that I've become very passionate about, and that's sewing. There was a pair of Dolce & Gabbana red striped jeans at work, and we priced them for $50. The impulsive shopper in me said "You need those." and then the rational part of me kicked in and said, "Wait a minute.. you can make those." And so I ran with the rational. (Probably something I should do more often)
I'm going to start making my own clothing. After seeing those D&G jeans and realizing I could make them, I stepped back and told myself that I'm not going to buy new clothes anymore.. I'm going to make them. Why not? I can sew. I have vision. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper to make your own garments.

Behold, my latest endeavor. Candy stripe culottes with a FULL ZIPPER.
Something about full zippers makes my eyes light up. It's such an odd and unnecessary accessory, but it gives just the right amount of detail to the garment. I also chose a brown zipper to pair with these red and white stripes, because I feel it accentuates the zipper more, instead of it blending in.

AND, I won't tell you how much it cost to make these because I plan on making and selling them eventually, but.. it was in my budget.

Cheers to new endeavors, creativity, and confidence. I'll be back before you know it.


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