Friday, January 8, 2016

When The Levee Breaks

Jumpsuit - Goodwill, Denim Jacket - Express via Mom, Patches - all over California, Shoes - H&M, Bra - Target

My mom gave me this jacket because she didn't wear it anymore, and I quickly started turning into a patch/pin dream. The back of it has a cut out from a vintage Harley Davidson shirt that I owned. I got the jumpsuit for free at my work with this thing called ~BONUS BUCKS~. It's basically like a Christmas present from work. I'm okay with it.

This bra. Bra thing. It's a cotton bra with no support but it's hella cute and has this little lace trim and I had to have it. So, in order to keep myself propped up, I turn it into a criss-cross bra. This is a helpful tip for all you busty ladies who want freedom without lookin' like a hooligan. 

Today is my day off so I'm hanging out in my studio, blasting Zeppelin and drinking coffee. I need to go buy toilet paper. I also stepped in dog poo after taking these pictures. Thank you for your time.

Happy Friday everyone! It's the first sunny day all week! Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. funny that people are styled like what we grew up with. you people are aware we´re around ?