Thursday, January 7, 2016

Take A Walk On the Wild Side.

If there's one thing I love more than my shoes, it's my cat. But this post isn't about my cat, it's about my shoes. To say I have too many shoes is an understatement. Last time I counted, I was at 49 pairs.. and that was about six months ago. My shoes are my favorite statement to any outfit and you will probably never see me barefoot (really).

Tonight I was thinking about all of the different places my shoes have taken me, and all of the places I've taken them. I bought a map, dotted all of the cities I've traveled to, and decided to talk about some of my favorite pairs of shoes and where I got them/where I've been with them.

1. Off-White Converse High Tops
I've been a Converse fan since I was in fifth grade. I bought my first pair of black high tops when traveling to Missouri, strictly because The All-American Rejects would wear them. At one point in my Elementary School years, I think I owned thirteen pairs of different converse. Always high tops. My dad made me throw my very first pair away because I had worn them to the point of suffocating people from their stench when I took them off. However, I cut out the logo and I still keep those in my first Converse shoe box in my closet. I bought these high tops in San Francisco when my friend Carmen and I went on a day trip to the city. I don't wear them as often, but they've been a reliable pair of shoes - as always. Chuck Taylor did a beautiful thing.

2. "Bowie Shoes"
I got these bad boys in the DSW clearance section for $13. They hold a special place in my heart, not only because of how glamorous they are, but because I've had some eventful moments in these. I drove to Arcata, CA by myself and watched The Growlers play at Humboldt State University in these shoes. That trip will forever be living in a memory. (Growlers puns, anyone?) I also wore them on my 23rd birthday, and they were featured in my Christmas card with Girlfriend the Cat. I'm hoping 2016 is full of new adventures in these shoes.

3. Red Snakeskins
I found these at a Goodwill in Fresno five or six years ago, and I fell in love instantly. They are some of the comfiest shoes I've ever purchased, and they go well with just about every outfit I have. These shoes and I haven't traveled too far together, mostly around town or to work, but I'm sure that will change soon.

4. Cowgirls
I got these at my Goodwill store during Halloween time. PSA: If you haven't been to a Goodwill during Halloween, you are missing out on some of the coolest stuff at the cheapest prices. So many things get saved for Halloween that people like myself would wear on a regular basis, so I end up buying majority of my wardrobe around September/October. I haven't worn these at all since I bought them.. I'm waiting for that special occasion to take these babies out on the town.

5. Topshop Snakeskin Booties
I bought these in Chicago in May 2015 at Topshop. There were so many good shoes there, and they had a pair like these that were ankle high; unfortunately those weren't my size. So I settled for these but they've easily become my go-to shoe. I wear these to work, I wear them to the grocery store, I wear them to go get Taco Bell in the drive-thru.. Fantastic pair of shoes that have been comfortable since the first time I put them on. People always ask me "How do you wear boots/heels to work all the time?" and tbh, I can't wear anything else or my feet will hurt. Boots for life, man.

6. Beaded BCBG Booties
Ok so these are actually like.. my favorite pair of shoes. I got them at a flea market sort of thing in Fresno, but it was donation based. So basically, you grab a bunch of shit that you like, and give whatever amount of money you want. I think I gave $5-$10, but got a TON of stuff, totaling these at maybe $1. They were brand new, in the box, BCBGs. The detail on these shoes is absolutely fantastic. The longer I've had these, the more I've grown to love them. I've worn these up and down California - from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Grass Valley to Yuba. They will always be in my suitcase.

Lastly, here's the fun map I bought today, documenting all of the different places I've been. Hoping to fill this baby up by the end of the year. Let's take a walk on the wild side.

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