Tuesday, May 20, 2014

  Shawl - Forever 21 via Carmen's closet, Jeans - Urban + DIY, Shoes - Forever 21, Shirt - Forever 21, Rings - Vintage

Hi friends. Things have been exceptionally wonderful over here in Sacramento. I graduate from fashion school in September, and I've never felt more comfortable and confident while at school than I do lately. I've been channeling my creative side, and it feels great. (Speaking of which, I'm going to be making some shorts today, and I'll be sure to post a DIY of that.) My job has been going well, my car has been working fine, and my hair has been getting long. It's the little things in life.
Besides that, I've just finished reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, and I can tell you I have never been more inspired in my entire life. If you know me in person, you know how much I admire Sophia for being the go-getter that she is, and for all she's accomplished, and you know how much I adore Nasty Gal.. this book was the cherry on top of all that love.
One of my favorite quotes from the book is right at the beginning.
"Don't ever grow up. Don't become a bore. Don't ever let the man get to you." - Sophia Amoruso
I mean, holy shit, if this book has taught me anything (besides how to be a successful shop lifter, hitch hiker, and dumpster diver) it's that you can literally achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. And you can't let anyone tell you otherwise, because then they win. It also taught me what a successful cover letter and resume should include, and why it's so important to save your money (sorry Dad, I know you've been telling me this forever, but it's different when it comes from a debt-free-multi-billionaire-entrepreneur-babe.. not to say that you don't fall into any of those categories, ok I love you, I'll stop now). Now I constantly catch myself thinking "What would Sophia do?" I highly recommend it, if you're out to conquer the world, or you just like success stories.. hell, read it because you're bored. I guarantee it'll change the way you perceive situations, and people.

Alright, well I'm gonna get to work and I'm bad at ending these things so see ya'll on the flip side, I'm outie 5000.


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