Monday, January 27, 2014

Inspired by: Miracle Eye and Backbite

Seeing as I'm six months away from moving to Los Angeles, I've been extremely inspired by some babes down there who are doing their thing and doing it so good.

Let's keep this short and simple.

I've been following Larissa for a few years now, and I remember browsing the Miracle Eye webshop and falling head over heels in love with all the clothes she had on there. I fell more in love when I found out that she designs just about all of it, and her mom stitches it all together. What a duo. Larissa came up with some new stuff, and it's EXCELLENT. I highly recommend you check it out, and buy some items from her because they're incredible pieces. The whole store is a beautiful clash of patterns and vintage that's so damn pleasing to the eye. Also, it was released on Instagram that Miracle Eye is becoming a PHYSICAL STORE very soon, (which is friggin mind blowing to me, especially considering that Larissa is a wonder woman who's still so young! Entrepreneurship at it's finest) That just goes to show that hard work and dedication really pays off.

(All images via Miracle Eye, and can be purchased via Miracle Eye - click the photo for the product page)

Backbite is fairly recent, but they've been teasing us for a while through Instagram. However, it's finally here and you can shop amazing vintage pieces! Curated by five best friends (Brit, Rachel, Taylor, Casey, and Selena) Backbite is the collaborative mind/lovechild behind the girls. They've done incredible work, and I've seen what they've done as individuals through social media, but there is nothing that can compare to how amazing this new small business is. I think my favorite feature about Backbite is that it's not only clothes, but it's home decor as well, and every single piece is fantastic. Definitely go check it out and get your hands on some good stuff.

(All images from the Backbite Lookbook HERE)


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