Friday, August 2, 2013

Serving Time.

I originally thought of the title "Jailbait" for this post, but then I thought that was disgusting so I changed my mind.

 Shirt - Forever 21 // Leggings - Love Culture // Shoes - DNKY via Goodwill

I actually don't have the confidence to wear this shirt in public yet, and I haven't quite figured out how to style it with the rest of my clothes but I like it. I have a problem with wearing a tiny baby crop top with DDs. So that's my issue.

BUT CHECK OUT MY SHOES. I think these were the first things I bought when I started working at Goodwill. Vintage velvet platform sneakers, made by DKNY. I couldn't find these after I put them on the sales floor, and I was sure someone bought them, so I'd go home and google search them and seriously nothing comes up. These babies are ~*RaRe*~. And then to my surprise, there they were on the shelf.. after a 50% off sale.. I swear no one in Sacramento likes good things. At least they don't like to come to my store for the good things.

Happy Friday bbz.


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