Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Tomorrow concludes my 68-hour work week, all in order to go to FYF this weekend. I've been waiting for this weekend for months. As soon as tickets went on sale, I remember frantically calling my room mate while on a bank run at work, asking her to buy my ticket with my information because it wouldn't process on my phone. Threw down that $100 to see My Bloody Valentine, Joyce Manor, Beach House, Touche Amore, and so many other great bands. I remember checking the mail, anxiously for a few weeks, wondering where my tickets were. At one point, I accidentally left the mail box unlocked and we thought our tickets had been stolen. But they finally came, and have been hanging on my cork board ever since, reminding me every morning that it's one day closer.
And now, it's only two days away. TWO DAYS. I haven't been to a festival since Coachella in 2009, and I'm beyond excited. Plus, I'm staying in a house with a bunch of my really great friends this time. It's sure to be the best weekend of 2013.

I threw a couple Polyvore boards together as inspiration/outfit ideas for the weekend. Some of these items I actually own, some of them are just for reference. But here's what I got so far.

Saturday's Outfit:
Going to keep it simple for Saturday since it's the first day and we're going to be completely wiped out. I also can't decide if I like the idea of my creepers with this outfit, or my brown cowboy boots. I'll have to put it all on and decide. I also got this really great (half-sarcasm?) belt buckle that I'm going to wear: 
Because how could I not?

Sunday's Outfit:

This dress arrived in the mail today, from Brandy Melville and it's so perfect and cute. A little sheer so I'll have to wear some shorts underneath but it's beautiful, I love it. I'm so happy it came in time.
I'll definitely post some outfit photos, especially since Carmen got a rad new camera for her birthday. I'll make her take some good quality photos of me.

A few other things I'm excited about that are unrelated to FYF:
  •  My 21st birthday is about a month away!
  • I'm cutting my hair tonight, and going back to short bangs, HOORAY.
 And that is it.


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