Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Under The Sea.

So one of my best friends is having a Mermaid & Pirate themed party, which gives me an opportunity to dress up. I figured I'd make some little collages with some outfit ideas I have, and some inspiration.

I'm obvs. going as a mermaid, because who wouldn't want to go as a mermaid?

Everything pictured above is from the following sources:

I'm going for a more modern mermaid look, as opposed to the typical maxi skirt with a peplum bottom, so I've incorporated a lot of metallic, velvet and spandex. I really love the Disco Pant (American Apparel) and the various color selection they offer, especially the teals, and I'll probably end up getting a pair of those to wear for the night. The Miracle Eye velvet tights and strap top give a bit of a different mermaid vibe, but if you put together the right combination, it definitely suits the role. Plus those are just two amazing pieces that I feel like need to be incorporated in every day life. Forever. Even in the after life. As for the top, I'll probably get a nude colored top and sew some homemade sea shell patches over the breasts (surprisingly, Dollar Tree sells seashell bras), but I also really love the idea of a crochet top, like a fish net. So I'll definitely have to play around with that and see what works best for my body type.

As far as shoes go, Forever 21 and Nasty Gal have some pretty good selection. Personally I would go for a color that matches my bottoms, since mermaids don't technically have feet, but a nude color would work just as well, or go for a shoe like the Inaba Pump, that combines both colors.

I swear I'll post pictures of my outfit once it's complete!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st.

I haven't had a real camera in a while, or time to go out and find someone to take outfit photos for me, so that's why this blog has been neglected.

It's June 1st though, and in one month I will have been living away from Fresno for an entire year. I can remember my moving day perfectly, and it's surreal to think of all of the changes that have occurred so quickly in my life. But that's a post that will wait until July 1st.

As of lately, I'm still alive. So that's a good thing. I promise to try and update more often. Until then, you can always follow me on Instagram; I usually post more than necessary, and a lot of outfits get documented there.

Dress - Thrifted, Socks - Target, Shoes - Urban Outfitters