Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Psuedo Kilt.

Turtleneck - Express, Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Sweater - Thrift Town, Boots - Ross, Gloves - Urban Outfitters

I feel like I could be in Hey Arnold! while wearing this outfit. Like, I could be his sister or cousin or something. You know how he wears that flannel that's like a kilt? This is a sweater that I bundled around myself and made into a dress/skirt thing. But with all the layers I definitely am channeling Arnold. I also felt like Tia from Uncle Buck (all 90s rich girl mod) which is why I chose to take these photos in the Fabulous 40s.

Sacramento has this area right outside of Midtown, called the Fabulous 40s because houses on the streets 40-45 or something, are HUGE gorgeous houses, like the beautiful pink one behind me. The streets have giant trees that drape over, and when the sun shines through in the early evening, it is the prettiest sight.

Gonna try to update my blog more. Especially with winter coming up, I need to show off all da layers.


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