Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bone Shoe Is Ready.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: Bone Shoe.

I'm currently in my second term of fashion design and merchandising at IADT Sacramento, and my first project in Fashion Sketching was to design a fantasy shoe. The first thing that came to my mind was bones. I had originally intended to make the shoe a solid platform heel with a Jeffrey Campbell Saturn shoe-esque back (as you can see in the bottom left sketch of the last photo), but after pulling up some photos for inspiration (such as the UNIF Hellbound and Gene Simmons' platforms) I found the perfect shape in something we all have: The pelvic bone.

If you turn that image 90 degrees left, you'll see the basic shape of my shoe. From there, I incorporated a matte black insert to cover the top of the foot, along with a matching matte black heel and bottom of the shoe. I also added a miniature rib cage that wraps around the heel of the shoe.

I would absolutely love for this to be real, so keep an eye out for the day that it is.

Bone Shoe is ready!

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