Thursday, September 27, 2012


So it's like 12:30am, and I should be getting to sleep soon, but I thought I'd try and update this thing real fast. I basically have no real camera, besides my phone, so.. yeah. I have a real camera, it just needs to be fixed. A lot. Instagram photos will have to do for now.

Here are multiple photos that represent my life pretty well:

Obey shirt, hand-me-down floral maxi skirt.

Forever 21 top, thrifted shorts, Urban Outfitters socks, MIA platform sandals.

My lifeline?

  Can we just take a moment to admire how freaking rad Pacsun got? THESE LEGGINGS. Yes, these are real, and they are beautiful. Good job Pacsun, good job.

  Things that are on my refrigerator: Scrabble magnets, cat magnets, and a photo of myself at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, in the warm California sun.

  Walking attire. These are Carmen's clothes, so ask her where she got them. I know the sweater is from Forever 21, and the shirt says "Will You Marry Me?" in French.

  I got these at my store, and they are rad. This really awesome jewelry box that was originally from Homegoods (coincidentally, I used to work there), and this radical bracelet that reminds me of an octopus.

Thrifted crochet sweater, Carmen's printed zip up sweater, BDG basic v-neck, Levi's thrifted/DIY shorts, thrifted belt.

The jewelry I wear on a daily basis + my creepers! I finally got some, thanks to Amazon. Glamazon. Yes. (I can turn anything into a RuPaul reference) Anyway:
Bracelet - Goodwill, Watch - Urban Outfitters, Ankh ear cuff (RIGHT?!) - Etsy, Teardrop mood ring - thrifted, Gold snake ring - Hand-me-down from Mom, Skull ring - Venice Beach, Rectangle braided ring - Ethiopia (Yes, in Africa).

Once again, a Pacsun treasure. This dress is from Pacsun and it was on sale and is beautiful and perfect, so what do you know? The sweater is Carmen's and I believe it is from Urban Outfitters.

Dis mah face.

I like to think that I'm a pretty good cook, and this is the amount of sweet potato fries I make, when I do make them. Believe it or not, this is only one and a half sweet potatoes.

This is the rest of the dinner I cooked with the sweet potato fries. Hamboigas with onion, provolone cheese and avocado, YUM.

I got these at Goodwill too! They were considered Halloween shoes, but I am like "Hello? Those are cute and perfect all the time." So I got them. My store actually has a lot of Halloween gems that I want to wear as regular clothes. And that I probably would wear as regular clothes. Because Saint John's Bay and Talbot's just don't cut it, you know?

This is Taz, he is the best dog in the entire world. He took me to goth prom and we took super kawaii pix together.

This is my kitty cat, Girlfriend. I love her.

This is some more dinner I made.

  Sweater - Forever 21 I think? The rest is from Urban or thrifted. My hair is getting pretty long and rad as well.

Also my lifeline? I love this game.

A beautiful pup I met outside of Safeway with my neighbor.

  MINI PUMPKINS. These are my favorite things and they make me so nostalgic. I just remember being five years old again. Fall is here!

Last but definitely not least, this is a fort we built in our living room. It was probably the coolest, best thing we've ever done. Ever.

That's my life lately. I'll try to get a real camera and document my outfits better, but for now I guess this works. I'll leave you with a cool jam about thrift store shopping. Goodnight!


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