Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome To My Life.

Isn't that a Simple Plan song? I mean, uhhh, who listens to Simple Plan anymore? Psh.

Hi guys.
I figured I'd take a little interlude and introduce you to one of my favorite places in the world: My bedroom. It's only about half of my most prized possessions because I'm moving again into my very own apartment with my name on the lease on August 1st. Right now I'm living in a bedroom for the month of July.

Anyway. This is the place where I sit and come up with all of my ideas, and think about my future, and make major decisions, and gather inspiration, etc. I'll probably do another one of these when I get my entire apartment decorated, which I honestly cannot wait for.

My favorite blanket ever that my dad got me when we went to L.A. It's currently being used as a curtain to substitute for that one hanging off the window sill.

One of my work outfits. I'm a keyholder (which means I'm part of management) at Goodwill, so I kinda have to dress normal. Kinda.
Sweater - Forever 21, Grizzly Bear t-shirt - SPCA thrift store, jeggings - Urban Outfitters, cowboy boots - thrift store, purse - Yoshi! NOW.

And of course my own blog is on my computer.. How narcissistic of me.

 Obligatory mirror pic. I got this radical lime green mirror at Walmart for like $4 or something. And it's not a fun house mirror! And it's lime green!

Blowing kisses to my Jujubee poster. She came to Sac last week but I'm not over 21 so I couldn't go. OH, and Juju started following me on twitter today, so that made me feel like I did something right. Jujubee is my favorite drag queen, always.

 This is my bulletin board. I have my calendar, in which you can see how much I work, thus leaving me little time to photograph myself for this blog. Zackface's old ID card. A fortune that says "Be adventurous and try a new look". A photo booth strip of my best friend Sydnie and I, along with a note she wrote me in 8th grade that says we're going to be best friends forever. A list of music an old coworker told me to check out. A bunch of paper folded in half with "fashion sketches" from the lovely Jeni as a joke, titled "My Sketches". A dream catcher. A Christmas card that Annie wrote me, which is really just an IOU for a Christmas gift that I don't think I ever received. My 2012 goal list that is really getting accomplished. And lastly, a really nice photograph of a unicorn mask from Fernando. 

 This is my succulent window. I understand that the photo is out of focus. I didn't understand that when I took it. The two big ones are real, and the three little ones are fake. And outside of the window is the alley where the garbage man aka Satan comes by every Wednesday to wake me up bright and early.

 My mom got me this beautiful, beautiful succulent at Trader Joe's (who knew they sold them there?!) and I love it. It's growing so well, and it's blooming these gorgeous flowers. Look at the colors! They're so cute, they look like little candy corns. I just want to hug them, and I want them to hug me back because I feel like they would if they could.

 This is my other succulent that I bought at Savemart who's not doing so well. All of it's bottom leaves have dried up, and I'm not sure if that's just a cycle it's going to go through or if it's slowly dying. It may have gotten too much exposure to sunlight because it seems like it's growing better now that I've put it in the shade for majority of the day. I blame Savemart and my cat though. My cat took a nibble out of one of the leaves one night. Seriously the perfect nibble. Why.

 This is also out of focus, but whatever. This is all that I have unpacked of my cat collectables. Fernando gave me the photo, and someone else gave me the little dish. I also have a rain stick from Chile that CJ's grandpa gave me when he was dating my grandma (irrelevant unless you know CJ, then you know how weird that is), and a candle with a bunch of sea shells.
 My American flag wind flag thing that I got in Oregon.

And last but not least, my closet. Which is really messy in this photo, but it's kinda cozy if you see it in person.

Anyway, that was probably real boring, but whatever. My blog my rules.

Peace out chicken fingers. 

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