Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I am officially a resident of Sacramento.

To be honest, I'm actually really enjoying myself up here. I'm not doing much except working, but even then, it's nice to have a full-time job as opposed to having to manage two part-time jobs in a city that I hardly know. And when I'm off work, I'm only about five minutes away from home, and my best friend comes over and helps me cook and brings fun activities like a cat coloring book or a notebook to play Hangman in. And, my room mates are awesome. They're both real sweet and fun to hang out with, which I'm very thankful for. I can't imagine living here and not enjoying their company.

It still hasn't really hit me that I moved. I guess we'll see how long that takes.

Anyway, I'll probably do some sort of outfit post tomorrow (July 4th, yeahhh!) or this weekend. I don't have a camera, so it depends on if I can borrow someone's or not.


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