Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mom, There's A Goth In The Bathroom.

shirt - American Vintage @ Huntington Beach, shorts - Sydnie, socks - Forever 21, shoes - Urban Outfitters, shoe laces - Dollar Tree, belt - Thrift Store and Cars, necklace - Neighborhood Thrift, sunglasses - Penelope Meatloaf

This look is totally out of my norm, but I like it so so much. I'm just going to break it down.

Knott's Berry Farm Mesh Tee
There was a store in Huntington Beach called American Vintage, and apparently there's like.. four other ones all in the Southern California area. That store is the best vintage store I've ever been in. Everything is affordable, but the merchandising layout of the store makes you feel like you're shopping at a department store. Everything is organized by style so it's really easy to navigate when looking for something. They also had a ton of D.I.Y. altered vintage like floral & denim mini skirts, and shredded t-shirts, which was awesome. It was ideally what I would want my vintage store to look like if it ever becomes a physical space. Definitely check one out if you're close to one.

Floral Denim Short Shorts
Sydnie gave me these because she has no booty. I have too much booty, so evidently my bum pokes out if I move the wrong way. But I wear them anyway because they're really cute, and I have no shame because I mean, have you seen my sunglasses? Ya.

Middle Finger Hologram Sunglasses
I was browsing Etsy, and decided to search hologram sunglasses just to see what they had. Then I found these. And, I know it's probably crude of me to own them, and I'm sorry Mom & Dad, but they're way too rad. And I usually only wear them when I'm angry at the world and I don't want anyone to approach me, although they tend to do the opposite.
But anyway, I got them on Etsy from a shop called Penelope Meatloaf. GO CHECK OUT THE REST OF HER STORE. She seriously has some of the raddest things. If you like aliens or cats or original surreal paintings or farm animals, you will love her store. Srsly.

Black Lipstick
This is the first time I've done black lipstick, and I don't think I look so bad with it. I actually felt more comfortable wearing black lipstick rather than red lipstick. Weird. Anyway, my friend Alex taught me this trick about having black lips without buying black lipstick. If you're poor or lazy, both of which I am, then this is a simple solution: Black eyeshadow, black mascara and clear lip gloss. We used this at a Gutter Kids shoot, and it works really well. And it comes off way easier than lipstick does. Anyway, apply the black eyeshadow, and touch up spots with the mascara, and be sure to blend it so that it's even and covers your lips. Then to hold it, put some clear lip gloss on. Congratulations, you now have black lips.

And a big fat hooray to me for finally doing a blog post!


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  1. people´s cultural heritage and identity isn´t vintage