Monday, July 23, 2012

Thrift Finds.

Today I went thrifting in South Sacramento/Little Saigon, Arden-Arcade, and Downtown Sacramento, looking for some pretty sweet new items for the apartment that my best friend and I are moving into on August 1st. It was a little more fun to go shopping for apartment items this time because I will actually be owning the place I'm living in, not just renting a room, and it's with my best friend. So we kind of get to go crazy with our decorating.

I also went to Ikea for the first time ever. That place is a blast. I don't understand how people go there to shop, when the only reason I want to go there is to preform improv skits in all of the different rooms. It was so fun. And also the way they decorated a 300-400 sq. foot space?! CHALLENGE DEMOLISHED. Ikea rules.

Here's some sweet items I got today, and they all cost me $5.00 or less. I was pretty good at bargaining for prices today.
Prayer rug, originally priced at $7.99, and I got it for $1.99 because of the wax candle stain. Also, I want to know what your opinions are on owning one of these. This one is manufactured and is probably one of thousands that are sold for tourist trade, etc. But while I was buying it, a Muslim woman asked me what I was using it for, and seemed offended that I was a white female putting it in my shopping cart. So, opinions; is it offensive to buy something like this? Or not, because it is manufactured and sold, and I found it in a thrift store, I didn't go out of my way to purchase one? Why or why not?

Western patterned floor pillow for $3.99.
Brown tapestry pillow for $4.
Floral toilet seat cover for $1.49.

This is probably my favorite thing ever, because not only is it a small TV, but it was originally priced $14.96 and I got it for 75% off. I'm making it a DIY project and turning it into a mini fishbowl. Should be pretty sweet once it's finished!

White fringe throw - 2 @ 3.99.
Goodnight Moon poster - $1.49.
Campbell's soup framed magazine page - $2.00. At first, I picked this up and the frame it was in was broken. I was willing to buy it and fix it, but they told me I could switch the frame instead, and I ended up picking a frame that was $1 cheaper than the original.

 Brown leather bean bag - $5.00.
The only problem is that the zipper is broken so the beans keep falling out. It looks like the previous owner tried to bond it with some putty, but it didn't quite work so I'm going to have to figure something out. Maybe sew a piece of fabric over the inside zipper or something. It's really really rad though.

These were in Salvation Army, bundled up with no price tag. I figured I'd just ask and see how much they were before purchasing them. When I got to the register, the cashier told me he'd make it easy on me and give me a discount and I got all of these for $1.99. They are the coolest place mats ever.

I'm really stoked to finally get to decorate my own place, and I'll definitely post photos once it's all done and ready to be house warmed. One more week before moving day!

The goal is to have my room looking like this:
I don't know who's room this is but it is really the best thing ever.

Also, this is what my hair looks like now.
  "Instagram is like, my favorite app." - Something I said once.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome To My Life.

Isn't that a Simple Plan song? I mean, uhhh, who listens to Simple Plan anymore? Psh.

Hi guys.
I figured I'd take a little interlude and introduce you to one of my favorite places in the world: My bedroom. It's only about half of my most prized possessions because I'm moving again into my very own apartment with my name on the lease on August 1st. Right now I'm living in a bedroom for the month of July.

Anyway. This is the place where I sit and come up with all of my ideas, and think about my future, and make major decisions, and gather inspiration, etc. I'll probably do another one of these when I get my entire apartment decorated, which I honestly cannot wait for.

My favorite blanket ever that my dad got me when we went to L.A. It's currently being used as a curtain to substitute for that one hanging off the window sill.

One of my work outfits. I'm a keyholder (which means I'm part of management) at Goodwill, so I kinda have to dress normal. Kinda.
Sweater - Forever 21, Grizzly Bear t-shirt - SPCA thrift store, jeggings - Urban Outfitters, cowboy boots - thrift store, purse - Yoshi! NOW.

And of course my own blog is on my computer.. How narcissistic of me.

 Obligatory mirror pic. I got this radical lime green mirror at Walmart for like $4 or something. And it's not a fun house mirror! And it's lime green!

Blowing kisses to my Jujubee poster. She came to Sac last week but I'm not over 21 so I couldn't go. OH, and Juju started following me on twitter today, so that made me feel like I did something right. Jujubee is my favorite drag queen, always.

 This is my bulletin board. I have my calendar, in which you can see how much I work, thus leaving me little time to photograph myself for this blog. Zackface's old ID card. A fortune that says "Be adventurous and try a new look". A photo booth strip of my best friend Sydnie and I, along with a note she wrote me in 8th grade that says we're going to be best friends forever. A list of music an old coworker told me to check out. A bunch of paper folded in half with "fashion sketches" from the lovely Jeni as a joke, titled "My Sketches". A dream catcher. A Christmas card that Annie wrote me, which is really just an IOU for a Christmas gift that I don't think I ever received. My 2012 goal list that is really getting accomplished. And lastly, a really nice photograph of a unicorn mask from Fernando. 

 This is my succulent window. I understand that the photo is out of focus. I didn't understand that when I took it. The two big ones are real, and the three little ones are fake. And outside of the window is the alley where the garbage man aka Satan comes by every Wednesday to wake me up bright and early.

 My mom got me this beautiful, beautiful succulent at Trader Joe's (who knew they sold them there?!) and I love it. It's growing so well, and it's blooming these gorgeous flowers. Look at the colors! They're so cute, they look like little candy corns. I just want to hug them, and I want them to hug me back because I feel like they would if they could.

 This is my other succulent that I bought at Savemart who's not doing so well. All of it's bottom leaves have dried up, and I'm not sure if that's just a cycle it's going to go through or if it's slowly dying. It may have gotten too much exposure to sunlight because it seems like it's growing better now that I've put it in the shade for majority of the day. I blame Savemart and my cat though. My cat took a nibble out of one of the leaves one night. Seriously the perfect nibble. Why.

 This is also out of focus, but whatever. This is all that I have unpacked of my cat collectables. Fernando gave me the photo, and someone else gave me the little dish. I also have a rain stick from Chile that CJ's grandpa gave me when he was dating my grandma (irrelevant unless you know CJ, then you know how weird that is), and a candle with a bunch of sea shells.
 My American flag wind flag thing that I got in Oregon.

And last but not least, my closet. Which is really messy in this photo, but it's kinda cozy if you see it in person.

Anyway, that was probably real boring, but whatever. My blog my rules.

Peace out chicken fingers. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mom, There's A Goth In The Bathroom.

shirt - American Vintage @ Huntington Beach, shorts - Sydnie, socks - Forever 21, shoes - Urban Outfitters, shoe laces - Dollar Tree, belt - Thrift Store and Cars, necklace - Neighborhood Thrift, sunglasses - Penelope Meatloaf

This look is totally out of my norm, but I like it so so much. I'm just going to break it down.

Knott's Berry Farm Mesh Tee
There was a store in Huntington Beach called American Vintage, and apparently there's like.. four other ones all in the Southern California area. That store is the best vintage store I've ever been in. Everything is affordable, but the merchandising layout of the store makes you feel like you're shopping at a department store. Everything is organized by style so it's really easy to navigate when looking for something. They also had a ton of D.I.Y. altered vintage like floral & denim mini skirts, and shredded t-shirts, which was awesome. It was ideally what I would want my vintage store to look like if it ever becomes a physical space. Definitely check one out if you're close to one.

Floral Denim Short Shorts
Sydnie gave me these because she has no booty. I have too much booty, so evidently my bum pokes out if I move the wrong way. But I wear them anyway because they're really cute, and I have no shame because I mean, have you seen my sunglasses? Ya.

Middle Finger Hologram Sunglasses
I was browsing Etsy, and decided to search hologram sunglasses just to see what they had. Then I found these. And, I know it's probably crude of me to own them, and I'm sorry Mom & Dad, but they're way too rad. And I usually only wear them when I'm angry at the world and I don't want anyone to approach me, although they tend to do the opposite.
But anyway, I got them on Etsy from a shop called Penelope Meatloaf. GO CHECK OUT THE REST OF HER STORE. She seriously has some of the raddest things. If you like aliens or cats or original surreal paintings or farm animals, you will love her store. Srsly.

Black Lipstick
This is the first time I've done black lipstick, and I don't think I look so bad with it. I actually felt more comfortable wearing black lipstick rather than red lipstick. Weird. Anyway, my friend Alex taught me this trick about having black lips without buying black lipstick. If you're poor or lazy, both of which I am, then this is a simple solution: Black eyeshadow, black mascara and clear lip gloss. We used this at a Gutter Kids shoot, and it works really well. And it comes off way easier than lipstick does. Anyway, apply the black eyeshadow, and touch up spots with the mascara, and be sure to blend it so that it's even and covers your lips. Then to hold it, put some clear lip gloss on. Congratulations, you now have black lips.

And a big fat hooray to me for finally doing a blog post!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I am officially a resident of Sacramento.

To be honest, I'm actually really enjoying myself up here. I'm not doing much except working, but even then, it's nice to have a full-time job as opposed to having to manage two part-time jobs in a city that I hardly know. And when I'm off work, I'm only about five minutes away from home, and my best friend comes over and helps me cook and brings fun activities like a cat coloring book or a notebook to play Hangman in. And, my room mates are awesome. They're both real sweet and fun to hang out with, which I'm very thankful for. I can't imagine living here and not enjoying their company.

It still hasn't really hit me that I moved. I guess we'll see how long that takes.

Anyway, I'll probably do some sort of outfit post tomorrow (July 4th, yeahhh!) or this weekend. I don't have a camera, so it depends on if I can borrow someone's or not.