Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What The Bears.

Everything is vintage except my shirt, which was purchased at Urban Outfitters.

I have not worn this much vintage in one outfit in the longest time, and I think that's because of the weather change. Most of my winter clothes are purchased at department stores, simply because it's easier to find necessities at those stores. But when summer rolls around, I help myself to all of the  unusual pieces that I find at my favorite thrift stores. Plus, most of my vintage clothes are cut-off shorts, or tank tops, which are obviously more comfortable to wear in the summer.

These shorts.. I have not worn these since my trip to Santa Cruz last October with my best friends, when an old man in an antique store told called me "fancy pants". Technically, they're not shorts. They're the high-waisted bottoms to a swim suit that I got at Yoshi! NOW years ago. I pull them down a bit when wearing them with a casual outfit, just so that I don't flash my bum to anyone, but I absolutely love wearing them. 

Thank the Urban Outfitters heavens for creating this beautiful masterpiece. You know what is better than death metal bears? Death metal bears on a tanktop. And that is all.

Lastly, these shoes. Theeeeese shoes. I got them at a rummage sale, for maybe a dollar or two. It was a charity organizing the rummage sale, so it was kind of just like, "Grab all the things you want, and give us as much money as you want." So I paid eight dollars total for these, and a bunch of other stuff. When I got home, I took a closer look at the box they came in (they were literally brand new), to realize they were BCBG, originally priced at $120. I got them for almost 100% off. A dolla make me holla, honey boo boo.

Anyway. Here's a picture that I took on instagram so you can see the bags I used today as well.



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  1. God I love this. I'm really in love with your shirt. And those bottoms. And that beltttt <33