Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Love L.A.

On Thursday and Friday my best friends and I took a trip to Hollywood to see one of our favorite bands: Say Anything. We had a freaking blast while we were there too. Did some shopping around Hollywood, went to the show at House of Blues, stood right in front the entire time, got wicked bruises all over my body,  got Say Anything's set list handed to me by the Max Bemis himself, went to Venice Beach, got a sun burn, ate some pizza and frozen lemonade, saw Zach Galifianakis driving passed us on the freeway, and sang Marina & The Diamonds and Fun the whole way home. It was a great trip. I love southern California. The weather is always perfect, there's always a great blend of people so you don't feel self-concious or out of place when walking around in bizarre outfits, and you never get bored. It's still my dream place to live. One day..

shirt, pants, sunglasses - Urban Outfitters // purse - Yoshi! NOW // shoes - thrifted

Max Bemis holding my hand, and Sydnie's hand holding his.

Zach! As soon as we started screaming, he threw on a visor and merged behind us, but he soon passed us and waved. Greatest thing of all time.


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