Friday, May 11, 2012

Bethany Cosentino for Urban Renewal

As if I didn't already admire and adore Bethany Cosentino (front lady of Best Coast) enough, her line for Urban Renewal was released today, shooting my admiration for her through the roof.

It's an excellent collection, every piece is fun and simple, similarly like most Best Coast songs.. hmm..


I'm also totally in love with the models (model?) they used,  and the hair and make-up styling. It's all so perfect, and definitely reminds me of Southern California and summer time.

Kudos Bethany, and congrats!


P.S. Speaking of Southern California, to all of you Los Angeles folk, if you didn't already know, tomorrow night show up at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood for the UO line and The Only Place release party! Wishing I could be there so, so bad.

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