Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Life via Instagram.

Sorry I haven't updated much. Today was my seventh day of work in a row, and I finally have tomorrow off, in which I will be working on Gutter Kids.

Speaking of Gutter Kids, go "like" the facebook page, and please head over to our Etsy page and buy a flower crown! They're cheap, they're cute, and every penny goes to funding Gutter Kids so that you all can own a copy when the time comes.

 These pictures are an accurate collage of my life lately. Work, gutter kids, and RuPaul. I can't believe how much I love listening to RuPaul.

Anyway, for more of my loser updates, you can follow me on Instagram. My username is: deannapellerin.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Premeditated Interlude.

If you follow me on twitter, instagram, are friends with me on facebook, grew up with me, have my phone number, or what have you.. you may have heard that I'm starting school in September.

Yesterday I took a trip up to Sacramento to visit IADT (The International Academy of Design and Technology), to check out their fashion design/merchandising program. Four hours later, I became a student there.

Now, once again, if you follow me on any social network or talk to me in detail at all, you'll know that my outlook on school has been bleak. College, to be more specific. After being enrolled in city college for about a year and a half, I decided that I wasn't going to go anymore.
I was told that once you graduate high school, you go to college and you get all of your credits, and you have fun, and you make friends, and then you transfer if needed and graduate and get your degree and life is awesome. 
I graduated high school in 2010, and started city college, working on my general ed. I had fifty year old men in my classroom who slowed down the entire learning process because they didn't know how to use a Mac. I had teachers who made fun of me because I challenged their teaching credential after I decided that watching movies every day in an English class was not helpful. I was on the waiting list for every single class I would've needed to complete city college in the appropriate time frame. The way my classes were scheduled made it impossible to get any decent hours with my job. I hated city college.
People had built up this image in my head about how college was supposed to be, and when mine was nothing like that, I was disappointed. I was discouraged, more than anything. I thought that since school just wasn't cutting it for me, that I was going to be stuck working retail the rest of my life, and my full-time career would be managing a TJ-Maxx store.

During the time that I took off from school, I really focused on what I wanted to achieve. I finally launched my online store at the beginning of the year, and since then, have started designing clothes, working on producing a magazine, gotten heavily involved in blogging again, and taking as many opportunities as possible to build up my resume and get the attention of those higher level fashion jobs.
Despite all of this, there was still a lingering in my head, that maybe this isn't going to work out. The only thing I don't have is an AA to prove that I'm focused, and that I'm willing to work towards my goal.


I was sitting at the computer, browsing Jean Greige or Wasteland just like any typical day off work. My mom walked into the room, shuffled around the kitchen for a bit, before finally saying "Hey, what do you think about going back to school?" I looked up at her and let out a "PBBBFFFT" sort of noise, implying that her suggestion was beyond ridiculous.

That night, I went to bed thinking about school a little bit more than I had before.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I would browse the internet, researching fashion schools, tuition, places to live, jobs to apply at, course schedules, etc. I decided to request information from IADT, being that they were in Sacramento which was already where I was moving to, and because they had a better program than Art Institute for almost the same amount of money.
The very next day, a representative named Felice called me. I went ahead and gave her a call back, even though at this point, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. She seemed interested, but so do most representatives who call you from private schools that cost a good amount of money.
"Hello, this is Felice."
"Hi, it's Deanna. You called earlier today, but I missed it, I had requested information about the fashion program."
Upon realizing who I was, she was beyond excited to hear my voice. She immediately asked me how I got involved in fashion, what I currently do with it, and even went ahead and looked at The Curious Closet. We scheduled an appointment for Monday, May 14th.


Yesterday, during our meeting, Felice asked me why I'm going back to school, and why it took me so long to apply for their school.

I think the answer is simply that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do yet. I went into city college with an interest in photography, and it wasn't until about a year later that I decided I was more interested in the fashion industry. City college was a waste of time, but it wasn't at the same time, because it gave me a chance to really figure out what I wanted to do before spending a lot more money on a college that I would've gone to for what?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't always have to jump right into college once you graduate. I know so many people who have changed their majors multiple times while in college because you don't really know what you want to do when you're seventeen, or eighteen, and have been told what to do via classroom for the last twelve years. You need some time to go out and experience things, and really find out what your passions are.

I'm excited to go to school now, knowing that this is definitely what I want to do, and getting to be surrounded by people who have that same focus and energy as me. Not only students, but educators as well. Every representative that I met made sure that I knew they were there for me, and that I could contact them at any time with concerns or questions, and that they would help me step by step, no matter what, something I never experienced during my time at city college.

By the time I'm twenty two, I'll have my AA in fashion design/merchandising, and I'll have so much more specific knowledge about my industry, which I can share with you guys, and which I'm sure will reflect upon Sun Faded and The Curious Closet.

I can't wait to look back on this entry in two years, and see where I'm at.

If you have any questions in regards to my opinion on school, jobs, etc. feel free to contact me via e-mail. I'd be happy to help you in any way possible, and give you a different input on things.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Bethany Cosentino for Urban Renewal

As if I didn't already admire and adore Bethany Cosentino (front lady of Best Coast) enough, her line for Urban Renewal was released today, shooting my admiration for her through the roof.

It's an excellent collection, every piece is fun and simple, similarly like most Best Coast songs.. hmm..


I'm also totally in love with the models (model?) they used,  and the hair and make-up styling. It's all so perfect, and definitely reminds me of Southern California and summer time.

Kudos Bethany, and congrats!


P.S. Speaking of Southern California, to all of you Los Angeles folk, if you didn't already know, tomorrow night show up at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood for the UO line and The Only Place release party! Wishing I could be there so, so bad.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feel Like A Gypsy, Smell Like A Thrift Store.

Kimono/robe - Thrifted // Shirt - Forever 21 // Shorts - Thrifted + D.I.Y. // Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Yesterday my friend Alex asked me if I wanted to join her for some thrifting, so of course I said yes. We went to Neighborhood Thrift, a re-vamped antique store in the Tower District, and The Fresno Rescue Mission's thrift store who's name escapes me but has something to do with a lighthouse.

Along with some other shorts and a few mid-length skirts, I picked up this robe and these pants that I cut into shorts. This brand of jeans, Rockies, has to be my favorite brand. I always find a pair at a thrift store that I turn into high-waisted shorts, because they're so cool. The belt-loops get me every time. Alex and I found two pairs yesterday in pastel yellow and teal, but I passed because they didn't fit, and I think Alex passed as well. We were on a crazy hunt for pastels though, those Rockies would've been perfect for summa time. 

Have you guys met Alex yet? I work with her at Urban Outfitters, and we're starting a fashion/music magazine together called Gutter Kids, which we're really excited to show to you all!

 This is Alex! She doesn't have a blog, (that I'm aware of) but she should, because she has awesome style.

Off to go work on Gutter Kids and pick up a banner for this weekend's flea market at Yoshi! NOW. By the way, if you're in the Fresno area this Saturday, The Curious Closet is offering everything at 50% off.
So come out, it'll be a great time!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What The Bears.

Everything is vintage except my shirt, which was purchased at Urban Outfitters.

I have not worn this much vintage in one outfit in the longest time, and I think that's because of the weather change. Most of my winter clothes are purchased at department stores, simply because it's easier to find necessities at those stores. But when summer rolls around, I help myself to all of the  unusual pieces that I find at my favorite thrift stores. Plus, most of my vintage clothes are cut-off shorts, or tank tops, which are obviously more comfortable to wear in the summer.

These shorts.. I have not worn these since my trip to Santa Cruz last October with my best friends, when an old man in an antique store told called me "fancy pants". Technically, they're not shorts. They're the high-waisted bottoms to a swim suit that I got at Yoshi! NOW years ago. I pull them down a bit when wearing them with a casual outfit, just so that I don't flash my bum to anyone, but I absolutely love wearing them. 

Thank the Urban Outfitters heavens for creating this beautiful masterpiece. You know what is better than death metal bears? Death metal bears on a tanktop. And that is all.

Lastly, these shoes. Theeeeese shoes. I got them at a rummage sale, for maybe a dollar or two. It was a charity organizing the rummage sale, so it was kind of just like, "Grab all the things you want, and give us as much money as you want." So I paid eight dollars total for these, and a bunch of other stuff. When I got home, I took a closer look at the box they came in (they were literally brand new), to realize they were BCBG, originally priced at $120. I got them for almost 100% off. A dolla make me holla, honey boo boo.

Anyway. Here's a picture that I took on instagram so you can see the bags I used today as well.



Monday, May 7, 2012

I Miss Los Angeles.

My photoshop attempt reminds me of Violet E.
My outfit makes me want to go back to L.A. I seem to have left my mind there.

Shirt & shoes - Urban Outfitters // Cardigan - Forever 21 // Shorts - Thrifted // Shoelaces - Dollar Tree

I purposely looked away from the camera, because my already large eyeballs get bigger when a camera is flashing at them in the night time. I'm not shy. Well, for the most part.

These shoes had black laces, but lately I've been deciding that all of my black shoes look better with white laces. This will be a re-occuring theme, I'm sure.

Anyway, I'm really tired and my throat hurts like bears but I thought I'd give you guys a 'lil sumthin' sumthin', yaddidamean? (That entire sentence is proof of how tired I am. What even?)

Have a good week!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Inspired By: Submarine.

I watched this movie tonight called Submarine, about a teenage boy who's struggling with his own relationship while trying to save his parents'. It's a quirky, Welsh film, with a lot of quick cuts and balanced shots. For whatever reason, it got me really inspired. And also, it made me want to have a bob hair cut. But I won't.

Definitely check it out. The soundtrack was pretty awesome as well.


I Love L.A.

On Thursday and Friday my best friends and I took a trip to Hollywood to see one of our favorite bands: Say Anything. We had a freaking blast while we were there too. Did some shopping around Hollywood, went to the show at House of Blues, stood right in front the entire time, got wicked bruises all over my body,  got Say Anything's set list handed to me by the Max Bemis himself, went to Venice Beach, got a sun burn, ate some pizza and frozen lemonade, saw Zach Galifianakis driving passed us on the freeway, and sang Marina & The Diamonds and Fun the whole way home. It was a great trip. I love southern California. The weather is always perfect, there's always a great blend of people so you don't feel self-concious or out of place when walking around in bizarre outfits, and you never get bored. It's still my dream place to live. One day..

shirt, pants, sunglasses - Urban Outfitters // purse - Yoshi! NOW // shoes - thrifted

Max Bemis holding my hand, and Sydnie's hand holding his.

Zach! As soon as we started screaming, he threw on a visor and merged behind us, but he soon passed us and waved. Greatest thing of all time.