Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Killin' Me.

shirt - vintage // shorts - forever 21 // hat, shoes & sunglasses - urban outfitters // necklace - vintage

Hello April, thank you for bringing sunshine into my life this weekend. It's 93 degrees in Fresno right now, and this weather is only getting me pumped for summer time. I honestly cannot wait to wear shorts 24/7, go swimming every week, and get real tan. Summer just makes everything seem like more fun.

Sorry for my little hiatus, I got my wisdom teeth pulled two days ago. Yep, only two days ago. Surprisingly, I haven't shown any bruising on my face, but my jaw does hurt like bears, and I'm still taking vicodin for the pain. You can kind of see swelling in the pictures, not a lot, but it's there. I'm just glad to be healing seemingly quick, and I hope the pain goes away within the next couple of days so that I can eat normal again.

I also dyed my hair! Finally got rid of that awkward orange poking through from the dye-remover. And I went back to the part, rather than straight across bangs. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with my hair. It's always changing. But the goal is to get it back down to my waist, and it's actually growing pretty fast! Definitely excited about that.

Anyway, I love these shorts and I want to wear them all the time. They were on sale, and they were the last pair in my size. They're not the most comfortable shorts in the world (you definitely cannot sit down in them), but they look cute and they haven't broken or ripped yet, so maybe I got lucky? We'll see!

Off to work, hope everyone had a great weekend.

P.S. Please go "like" the Recycled dress that Urban Outfitters made, on facebook! Read the last post for instructions on how to do so. Today is the last day for voting! Thank you so much!



  1. Wicked look! I love the shorts!
    P.s I hope the tooth pain goes soon!! x