Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recycle The Runway!

You may or may not know that I work for Urban Outfitters. Well, I do. And it is one of the best jobs I've ever had, not only because they have awesome clothes, but because I love my co-workers. And I can say that with complete and total honesty.

The past couple of days have been completely committed to building a dress out of recycled material we have in the store, to compete in Recycle The Runway; A competition between stores in the mall to see who can build the better dress, strictly out of scrap material.

We took two days to prepare. The first day took the longest. Our team of six had to come up with a design that we all liked, and that we could make physically possible. After three and a half hours of creating and tearing apart, we finally got our design down. The second day was our challenge day. We were told we had one hour to build this dress for the final competition, so we decided to time ourselves to see how long it would take us to make it, and make it look good.
Half an hour later, we're done.
Today we show up at the mall, ready to go, all wearing flannel button-ups, pumped, thinking we can get this done so fast and just show up everyone, when the lady running the event tells us we have an entire TWO HOURS to make this dress. So instead, we took our sweet time, added a purse to our design, and made the most beautiful dress that you would never guess was all recycled material.

Gift card & string purse! My co-worker Ashlee has magical powers.

Folded paper bags make the skirt of our dress.

All materials used: paper bags, string, tissue paper, gift cards, mesh bags.

Now the only thing left, which is what I need your guys' help with, is to VOTE!

Here's how to do it:
- If you live in Fresno, or close to Fresno, you can go to the mall from today until this Sunday, and submit your ballot. All of the dresses will be on display in the center of the mall, by Macy's and Starbucks.
- If you don't live in Fresno, or you don't want to visit the mall, you can vote for our dress TONIGHT (4/18) through Sunday (4/22) at ! Make sure that when the pictures are posted, that you "like" the photo of our dress, and NOT just the album! It's the individual photo "likes" that count.

I think we did an incredible job. And even if we don't win, I'm really proud of my team/co-workers: Ashley, Ashlee, Johnny, Gabe & Megan!

Thanks everyone! Hope you have a splendid Wednesday! I get my wisdom teeth pulled in one day!


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