Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deanna's Nonsense Corner.

Hello, and welcome.
Alright I'm back in action! I took a weekend off.. a really long, fun, awesome weekend. But don't say I didn't warn you, because I totally did. I also really lagged on doing the random drawing for the winner of the floral headpiece, so I'm going to do that RIGHT NOW before you guys get really mad at me.

And the winner is..
Congratulations girl! Be sure to check your e-mail so that I can send the headpiece off to you!
And for all of you losers, (haha, I'm just kidding!) I'll be doing more give-a-way's this summer, I'm sure, so stay tuned, and thank you so much for entering!

I've recently been inspired by Sarah Whitney over at Pandora's Box. I want all of her shoes. And all of her denim. Yep. Here's some of my favorite looks of hers so you can all swoon over them as well:

Too. Freaking. Rad. All the time. I think my shoe collection needs to expand.. Too bad none of my friends share the same shoe size with me.

I do know that my wardrobe will significantly expand this August, when I move to Sacramento with my best friend Carmen. She may not be into sharing all of her clothes with me, but she has no choice. (Sorry Carmen?) Anyway, since I am moving to the state capital, I want to get to know a bunch of you bloggers/fashionistas/street-style enthusiasts/punks/losers/aliens. Let's hang out! Let's get coffee and go thrifting! I've already met a few of you via Facebook, but when I physically move, I want to be exposed to all that you do. Get in contact with me, let's make it happen!

I think that's all I have to say. Here's some pictures from my awesome weekend, not because you didn't believe me, but because I like to brag:

Stay fre$h. YOLO.

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