Saturday, March 24, 2012

Get Rich or Tie-Dying.

So last night I went to the CYC (Chinatown Youth Center) to see some awesome bands play good music, and I bought a t-shirt from one of my favorite bands, and friends of mine, The Speed Of Sound In Seawater. As if these guys didn't already make a pretty rad t-shirt, I decided to go ahead and tie-dye + destroy mine.

When I told my friend Fernando about this, he came up with the slogan "Get rich or tie-dying", which is not only a brilliant thing to say, but also a perfect title to this post.

beanie - Express // shirt - The Speed Of Sound In Seawater + D.I.Y. // pants, shoes & watch - Urban Outfitters // necklace - vintage

Click that last link to order a shirt, and check out TSOSIS' music while you're at it. It'll blow ya mind.

Anyway, I'm off to work for some odd four hours tonight, so I'm not trying to get all fancy shmancy with my outfit. Staying cozy today.

Happy Saturday everyone!

P.S. Look how long my hair is getting! I've been taking this vitamin called Biotin, and it helps hair & nail growth, along with healthy skin and a speedy metabolism. Unfff, get it.


  1. Great shirt, great band, and gorgeous girl.

  2. Love your beanie, jelly of your necklace. You are gorgeous and your hair IS growing fast!